basic and premium sites



BASIC SITES consist of a few pages. Charging for incremental pages keeps the bottom line affordable and respects budget limitations.

PREMIUM SITES are in-depth sites that include research and layering of subject narrative. With years of experience in content development, we realize an interest in sites that portray deeper levels of a subject’s experience. For example, a visual artist with years of archived work, whose inspirations are sourced from threads in history, literature, or music would be a project-based subject. Our job is to research and aggregate content from exterior sources, and present a level of interiority as well, that conveys the depth of an artist’s experience and inspiration. Estimates are for full site development, with additional options for maintenance.

I. CONTACT Get in touch by email about your interest in a site. We'll discuss project size and goals by phone or email.

2. DEPOSIT You'll make a deposit of 50% of estimated costs and will be given a timeline for production. It takes approximately one to two weeks to complete a site.

3. INSPIRATION If there are sites that you like, send a list; and if there are interiors or objects of inspiration, those should be mentioned as well.

4. PHOTOS & TEXT Layout will be determined, in large part by photos and text. Once photos and text are submitted, we'll have a better idea of site organization and style. 

5. TWEAKS & EDITS Once your site is designed and drafted, you'll be sent a preliminary study. Edits and changes will be made, then you'll review again until the site is ready for launch.

6. LAUNCH Once the site is ready, we'll connect to your domain and launch.

7. TRAINING The site is designed so you can replace images and text yourself, anytime. We'll train you how to do that in a brief session on the phone and will provide tutorials.

8. FINAL PAYMENT Once launched, you'll be invoiced for final payment.

9.. HOSTING We use a content management system composed of website construction and a hosting service. Hosting charges are separate and apart from the design services quoted here, but costs range from $12/month for hosting a small site to $18/month for a site with over 20 pages.

10. EXTRAS If you are selling products from the site, commerce pages can be developed. A logo can also be designed for a small fee. 


Hourly fee for photography, logo, ads and more.