Every client is different. Our work involves web development, start to finish, as dialogue, inquiry and production unfold. The site becomes an authentic reflection of your message, conveying energies unique to your story. Once a site is launched, the development of brand strengthens. Through a brief or extended timeline, we offer varying levels of support to accommodate the needs of our clients.


Content Development

Monthly maintenance can occur in several degrees … from minimal to significant. Web content has the capacity to grow in a linear direction, with calendar updates, but also through research and subject development. Organizations evolve over time; artists appreciate opportunities to expand reach through new audiences; online sites change radically and fast … and that’s exciting. Maintenance needn’t be costly, but it should always be considered in the early stages of site development.



Monthly Gallery Show Updates

Timeliness is critical, and often sites simply need photographic support combined with event announcements. Photographic quality is among the most important considerations when updating content.



Newsletters Are Important: You Should Love Them!

“A newsletter opens the door to increase a better understanding and knowledge of your brand and the particular products and services you offer. Advertisements are not enough to reach potential customers, as they have a limited outlook of your products.

A newsletter can expand the horizons and give your audience a broader picture of who you are. Embedding helpful links and giving visual descriptions can attract more readers.” Forbes



Editing Consistency

A site is launched with a style/design fingerprint; that includes text/font layout and photographic style. Visual consistency is important, because it secures intuitive balance; when images fluctuate from soft/moody beauties to high contrast color, the differences are noticeable and felt. First impression beauty is central to a site’s flow.