Entering a home or office, within seconds you respond to the space. Similarly, websites trigger the senses. Navigation and page layout can be simple or glamorous. Photographs, handwriting and linear elements create style; fonts are key to identifying voice. Remember… online experience is ubiquitous, so visitors instantaneously know if you hit a nerves authentic and intriguing.


Aggregated Content Integral to Site Design

With experience in working with PBS and NPR stations, integrating content from exterior sources has been integral to enriching internally produced content. Layout and design for aggregated content is as important as the respective subject’s narrative … it demonstrates connection and relevance.



Displaying Archives: Local History Inspires Inquiry

Massachusetts is rich with history: nonprofits and government agencies are wisely introducing laboratory websites that educate students using compelling media. Working with a local historical commission in the Berkshires, we developed content featuring image links to favorite online historical projects in the state. The goal is to inspire not only students but village residents.




While balancing the layout of a page, it inevitably becomes clear that the most effective design is found in a visual flow among images: color, composition and juxtaposition of photographs with a line drawing can reach harmony on a page that really sings.